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About Irrational Noise...

   Best I can figure you must be a friend..or maybe a member of the family... or a friend of a member of the family...or at least a friend of a member of the family of a friend of a member of the family...or....but then again you could just be lost. Well, whatever the case maybe, let me extend a warm welcome and point you to a few features of the site The main purpose of my creating this site was actually to serve as my personal homepage... in my selfishness, it is best viewed at my screen res 1024 x 768... but once the developing fever took hold, it kinda grew to be a little more, a growth I sincerely hope will not wane in the near future...

   As you can see, I've included the usual favorite bookmarks as well as a few informative ones.

   Check out my new Comics Page filled with most of my favorite strips, old and new...NEW !!

   ThemeXP and Neowin.net offer entertaining as well as informative posts in their well rounded forums. If you happen by, check a few of the satirical comments posted by yours truly as GT_RULES...

   DeviantArt offers excellent literary and graphic submissions for free download. Everything from application skins to poetry to wallpapers can be found here. Be sure and check out the XP Logon Screens created by ~hugodaddy, you may actually be surprised...

   HTMLGoodies, to whom a I would like to express extreme gratitude, was both the inspiration and education behind this site The site was built entirely through knowledge available in their excellent tutorials as well as the patient tutelage of one of the site's mentors, Marty Bozeman. Check out Marty's site at Southern Twilight.com.

   Of course, what site would be complete without a sports section, especially one that included the Mighty Ramblin' Wreck of Ga Tech!!! I hope to eventually include features on a few players, including a Scotty Layfield watch, a local athlete soaring through the St Louis Cardinals organization currently assigned to the AA New Haven Ravens...

   The links in the Local Interest section include concert and event information for each venue. Buy your tickets early!!!

   The Fun Stuff section is mainly for my young ones. Candystand offers hours of gaming fun, and is a lifesaver, especially when Daddy finds relatively few of the gaming software in his possession works properly on his new Windows XP operating system...

   The Galleries section was added really as an afterthought, but I hope to make it as entertaining as possible. It contains ...or will, fingers crossed...a family album, an events album, wallpapers and a few surprises. Of course, that is next to impossible to do without content, so if you are an afore-mentioned member of the family, please send some stuff for publication. Be on the lookout for an album dedicated to Joey and Andrew's Christmas Wonderland, that is, if I can talk him out of the pictures long enough to scan them....

   Due to numerous requests and apparent server crashes, the Downloads currently hosts the top twenty Windows XP logons as created by yet another of my alter egos, GT-RULES. Feel free to browse, it doesn't cost anything ....

   The Tutorials are outside links to tutorials I have found quite useful. I can plainly see the relief on your face, exuberance in the fact they were not actually written by me....

   Essays and the Likes is planned to be a collection of essays, short stories, and general ramblings authored by none other than...myself! Check them out, some may even be entertaining as well as well written...

   The My Web Log accesses my Blog over at Blogger.com, so if you've found the prose here a least bit entertaining , surf on over there for even more punishment....

   The Book Review section includes a brief synopsis as well as a brief personal editorial... yes, I promise it is brief...on the past twenty or so books I have read. I am a avid reader so the section is constantly updated. By the way, if you wish to comment or recommend a particular book...until I come up with some other means... just click and send it on....

   Well, that just about as far as the site has progressed, so once again, thanks and enjoy!!!

Why Irrational Noise...?
When I first decided to build a website, I was in the middle of Don Delillo's novel, White Noise. I toyed with the name of the book as my site theme, but decided I may get way to many supremist hits and Lord knows that's all a true southern gentleman needs, cries of racism. So, I cowed down to the politically correct and selected Irrational Noise...Ironic how easy the brige from political correctness to Irrational...


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