This Is Truly the Summer of LiveWire

Posted by: on Jul 01, 03 | 6:15 pm | Profile

Every year, the end of school signals the beginning of the summer season: a time of taking advantage of the warm weather, relaxing by the pool , softball games, and the enjoyment of your favorite cold beverage.

While some people prefer lemonade or iced tea or maybe even a nice cold beer (my Dad's preference), I have always been partial to carbonated beverages. For crisp refreshment, nothing seems to beat the crisp, refreshing taste of a crisp, refreshing Pepsi or Mountain Dew.


In recent years, however, I have found myself becoming increasingly disillusioned with the quality of sodas that are available each summer. Sure, a Sierra Mist may provide temporary relief from the summer heat; but can it fill this void that I feel inside of me—this hole, this yearning for something more?

My friends, I have finally found the solution to our plight. The answer lies within in a soda with the familiar orange flavor of Minute Maid and the fully-loaded lemon-lime taste of Mountain Dew.

No, it's not the new Sprite Remix. The solution lies within Pepsi's new Mountain Dew LiveWire.

One glass of LiveWire; that's all it takes. One glass of LiveWire to forget your troubles. One glass of Live Wire to feel truly satisfied—truly fulfilled.

My friends, this summer will be like no other.

This is truly the summer of LiveWire.

There, it's done. Enough sucking up. Now let the residual checks start rolling in...