Carnival of the Vanities Finale 2003

Carnival entries were a little sparce this week, probably due to the fact most contributors have taken the week off for the holidays. But what we lack in quantity, we more than made up for in quality...

Our first submission comes from Kiril posting at the Sneakeasy Joint, a special seasonal message to his reader's and a unsuspected poetic genius to boot...

Blush, of Taken In Hand, relates some subtle but rather hot romantic rituals she enjoys in everyday situations courtesy of her lovingly dominant husband, Gary.

Abnu of Wordlab fame ponies up a little insight into the Britain's Mars surface explorer, Beagle 2.

An enlightening article offering insight into the advantages of owning a solar power system, including the technical aspects, the finances and more was a welcomed and informative submission from Much appreciated read, David.

Aussie John Ray penned two worthy entries for this week's perusing. DISSECTING LEFTISM notes that the Greenies are still stuck with their dreaded Antarctic ozone hole despite banning what was supposed to have caused it and PC Watch notes the incorrectness of animal research and points out that having people die of preventable illness seems preferred by its opponents.

WICKED THOUGHTS has a post on The Wit and Wisdom of Dr. Samuel Johnson (1709 - 1784). I think I may have used a few of Dr. J's quotes myself...

Dean's World's Dean ponders Dean on Foreign Policy. The discussion that ensues is even funnier than the article itself.

On Taken In Hand, Joan enthuses excitedly about how it felt to be taken in hand for the very first time. But there's a twist, as you'll see if you read Joan's account.
It was 1981 and Leah was 17, going on 18. She had just arrived at college when she met Rob, the man who would later become her husband. He certainly made an impact!

This post, entitled, "Self Important or Self-reliant?" is about the relationship of bloggers with traditional media. Maybe "The Media" is worried about the great unwashed encroaching on their turf.

Dodgeblogium berates the ruling theocracy in Iran's absolutely horrible handling of the earthquake in the city of Bam.
Wishing al Qaeda Away, with Pixie Dust Some of my old friends are touting the notion that al Qaeda isn't real, based on the common-sense logic that if it were we'd have destroyed it by now. Never mind that AIDS is real (though some think it isn't) or that the Cold War took 70 years to win. They believe the concept was invented after 9-11 as an explanation for a kind of generic and disorganized anti-US sentiment that at least sympathetically explains (if not justifies) violence against the heart of the capitalist enterprise. And some also believe the Mujahadeen and the Taliban are synonyms, the former having acquired the latter designation only when the US was finished exploiting them after the Cold War. Well, I have several books that were published about al Qaeda prior to 9-11, and the Taliban aren't the Mujahadeen. (Most were children during the war with the Soviets.) But the real issue isn't that the fantasy is implausible. That's obvious. The real issue is that the fall of the World Trade Center has become not merely the image of an attack against the US or even world capitalism. It's also a metaphor for the decline and fall of the western left. As planes controlled by al Qaeda destroyed the support structures of the World Trade Center they also tore though the self image that had been painfully constructed to weather the fall of the Soviet Union, and is nostalgically recalled in Mike Nichols' adaptation of Angels in America.

Dave Kaiser finds his Political Philosophy on a Bumper Sticker and notes "I saw a great bumper sticker today. It said "Liberals vote their hopes, Conservatives vote their fears." This is almost too stupid to respond to, but I can't help myself."

Take heed of these Helpful hints from "Lance, God of Romance"

Semi-Intelligent Thoughts offers us a very thorough "English to liberal" dictionary, better known as The Donktionary. One of my favorite submission I'm sorry to admit...

Erotica abounds in Red Ted Keeps a Diary's submission, Licorice - Revised and Extended. Red Ted writes "Not everyone likes licorice, but the people who like licorice really like licorice." J and I use "licorice" to refer to most forms of kinky sex. I felt the urge to write this erotic story without using any potty language." If you have a philosophical objection to stories about licorice, try RT's post, I do not have to beat my wife. She does it for me.

Bad Money champions the The Truth Laid Bear's New Weblog Showcase and why it's better off with the sponsorship challenge than without it.

Creative boon, Doctor Dreamboat submitted by Photoshop is my friend...

Patriot Paradox's Lord of the Rings meets the Lord of Lords discusses LOR's possible reflection of christian values. A definite think piece...

Solonor at Solonor's Ink Well revisits the infamous baseball curses in Curses Foiled Again. Comments are a joy as well...

curi's domain brings to light the apparent anti-Israel bias by the NY Times.

Mr Rosenberg's Faith, Hope, And An Absence Of Charity discusses, a bit critically, a recent call for the Democrats to enlist God in their campaign. Brought to us by Discriminations. Hear, hear...

Multi-blogger Josh Fielek scribed two noteworthy entries for this week's Carnival, Quibbles-n-Bits and Man Meets Baby.

We have a first timer!!! Dave at Temperantia R3 gives us Incongruity. The posting meanders thru the mounting incongruities in the Jackson case, between the rumors that the Nation of Islam is supporting him (although I don't see how) to his bizarre responses on "60 Minutes".

A gem from BoiFromTroy. 1963-1983-2003. Forget 1943, the year 2003 was closer to both 1963 and 1983 culturally, economically and geopolitically. Bush is the New Reagan and the new JFK.

Isn't it touching that with all our New Years' celebrations and merriment, with all our resolutions and promises, some things just haven't changed - such as Howard Dean's willingness to spout the absurd? Dean's Definition of "Safer"...

Snooze Button Dreams answered my call for some 'best of' posts and generously graced us with Bestofme Symphony, 4th Performance, a self-described stepchild of the Carnival dealing with the best posts out of weblog archives instead of current content.

Satire at its best. Howard Dean Campaign - Decals Memo. I don't care who you are, this is funny...

Phil Bowermaster's The Leader of the Free AI World, an "interview" with an AI chatbot proported to be an electronic version of President Bush.

The Al Qaeda Weekly... Al Qaeda has a MAGAZINE! No kidding. Who knew? A recent issue contained valuable insight into their current strategy. (I hope we have a subscription to this) (Note: this is not a satire. They really have a magazine)

Attaboy floored me with their How Democrats can keep some of their money this election year submission. Consider it a New Year's gift to your liberal friends. It will help explain to them why supporting any of the Nine Losers is a waste of time and money, which will hopefully enrich them financially and make them feel better.

Talk about 'just in time'. Blackfive - The Paratrooper of Love's could be a godsend.

Wideman's War Against White People: The Worst American Essay of 2003. The title speaks for itself...

From Interested-Participant comes this story of five Israeli high school students being convicted in court for failing to follow an order to report for duty in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Their refusal to serve was justified by claiming conscientious objector status since they were against being in "an army of occupation".

And thus ends the last Carnival of 2003. Thanks to all the participants and Happy New Year to you and yours...

"Happiness is always a by-product. It is probably a matter of temperament, and for anything I know it may be glandular. But it is not something that can be demanded from life, and if you are not happy you had better stop worrying about it and see what treasures you can pluck from your own brand of unhappiness."
-- Robertson Davies

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Happy Birthday!

Thanks for hosting CotV this week!

I wanted to point out that some of the links are a little messed up (or my browser has screwed them up, which is also likely).

Posted by: Dave on Dec 31, 03 | 11:08 am


Luckily for me I hit the permalink or else I would never have realized how GREAT a job you did on this edition of Carnival. :-)

On your main page it's all blacks and grays with the dark blue links for contrast.

I absolutely could not read a thing. :-(

Once on the permalink page it was a great read, though. :-)

You must be MY punishment for how hard MY old blogspot version of the Joint used to be for some folks. :-)

Anyway, good job! :-)

Posted by: Kiril on Dec 31, 03 | 2:44 pm

Good work, thanks for hosting the Carnival this week and happy New Year!

Posted by: David Melle on Dec 31, 03 | 4:34 pm

Hmmm... the sequel

Ok, maybe my computer had a headache or something the other day. :-)

But the view of the main page is great today.

Love the white letters on the gray backround. :-)

Posted by: Kiril on Jan 02, 04 | 1:36 am


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