Smells Like Teen Spirit

I surprised Drew a few weeks back with tickets to The House Of Blues Good Charlotte concert at the Gwinnett Center. The catch, I wanted to use the experience gor a little getaway time for just us two. Some reluctance...the first sign of fear, yes..., but hey, it was Good Charlotte. He never should have shown fear. I made him pay. I was decked to the redneck-nines, complete with flannel shirt, blue jeans, work boots and my John Deere hat...I did, however, after seeing the sheer horror in his eyes, ditch the hat...We left a little early in a last minute effort to find a LeatherFace mask for Drew's Halloween Party...more about that later... got to the venue way early, ended up cruising the sights until concert time.

With Eve 6 and Goldfinger as the opening acts, I reasoned there would be more of a college age crowd, but man was I mistaken. Teen and pre-teen screams abounded...didn't seem to bother Drew much though... hughly entertaining performances by all three bands, but there was little doubt who everyone had come to see. Not expecting much of an effort in such a small venue, I was completely overwhelmed and, believe it or not, actually familiar with alot of the music played.

As we were leaving, I heard them interviewing some guy on the radio claiming to be the oldest guy there. I had him by three years...

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