Better Be Good

After my Braves pulled their traditional Houdini act, the playoffs haven't been high on my priority list, until tonight.

I switched the receiver over to the antennae in order to catch a somewhat snowy but viewable account of the Cubs - Marlins game on Fox...our Directv subscription does not allow for local channels, bummer... Nothing but snow. Boomer and I had afro-engineered...didn't Rush coin this phrase?... a tuning device on the roof...mostly him, but I supervised... in hopes of a Braves inclusive series. It had apparently blown down. Unfortunately, Boomer had gone to his high school's football game at Randolph Clay, so I commenced to hauling my man bulk up onto the roof to 'fix' it. Not an easy task, mind you, as the only ladder is about a foot and a half short of easy roof access...hence boomer's major engineering role... After the initial herculeon exertion and a not so brief rest period, I was dismayed to find that not only had the antenna fell, but had pulled loose from the television lead. Equipped with only the shorts I had on, my bare feet and a flashlight, needless to say, this presented a bit of a dilemma. Unwilling...and probably unable... to make the treacherous journey back down. I whittled away at the wire's insulation with my teeth. I got what I thought was a good grip and snatched the wire with a good bit of force. A sudden rush of warm saltiness filled my mouth, and then the pain. The wire, stripped perfectly, but it cost me a tooth...

More Later... Need to spit.

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