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It seems the Sumter Player's one night benefit show, Americus Graffiti went off without a hitch and ended with rave reviews. Kudos to brother Joey and the players, an excellent cause as well as those in attendance benefited greatly.

My brother has always been on the philanthropic side, giving generously of both time and money. Two causes near and dear to his heart, the afore-mentioned American Cancer Society...our Mom's a cancer for another thought... and AIDS awareness...lost some dear friends... have been the focus of enlightenment, enrichment, and, yes, even entertainment throughout our lives.

I couldn't help but smirk a bit when Joey first told us of the Sumter Players invitation to perform and the roster of entertainers he planned to mimic. A few years back, he had received an invitation to the Atlanta AIDS Partnership Fund Benefit Gala. Along with the elegantly engraved invitation came an equally resplendent, but somewhat unexpected, letter of commendation, praising his activism and thanking him for his generosity.

As he read the accolades of what first seemed an impersonal form letter, he was surprised to find references to a few of his more memorable performances and a supplication he perform as an opening act for the singer headlining the gala that year, a Mr. Elton of the few times I've seen my brother astounded... He began to peruse the letter with a renewed fervor, eager to confirm the request as soon as possible...the smirk is now much more pronounced... Not until he reached the listing of the contact information on the footer of the letter did he realized the true nature of the correspondence. It turned out his roommate had intercepted the original invitation a few days earlier and through an elaborate chain of deception, meticulously crafted the accompanying letter, re sealed the envelope, and placed it back into the mailbox. The footer? "Please contact us with your intentions. Gala Entertainment Committee c/o Sick Fags over Georgia, Atlanta, Ga"...if your not familiar with our fair state, the reference might not be apparent....

"In times like these, it helps to recall that there have always been times like these."
-- Paul Harvey

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