The Chairman, Big E's and Pizza Friday Night

Ahhh..first week in the books, and I'm already looking forward to Labor Day. I had planned to take my clan to see their Uncle Joey perform at the American Cancer Society benefit at the country club, but Pumkin's working tonight... Harvey's... and we were only able to score four Mema, Big Granny, Sandy and RyeBug, enjoy !!... His troupe is providing a little dinner theatre as entertainment, his contributions being impersonations of the Chairman,... Frank Sinatra... and the Big 'E's,... Elvis, Elton John, and Elwood Blues... along with a few others. A curious mix, I know, but believe you me, well within his range...glowing reviews, I'm sure, to follow...

So, I guess me and the boys are relegated to a little pay-per-view or maybe I can talk them into an excursion to a movie. But most likely, a trip to the Movie Gallery...ps2 game rentals... with a stop at Papa's Pizza...beef, mushrooms, and extra cheese... will be the order for the night...

"Life is something that everyone should try at least once."
-- Henry J. Tillman

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Posted by: cristina on Aug 22, 03 | 7:14 pm


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