Same Thing Every Year...

The mall is my fiend friend. The mall is my fiend friend. The mall is my fiend friend...

Back to school shopping today at the Macon Mall. It's not so much the buying I mind, it's the shopping part I can certainly do without. Let me find what I want at the first shop, and then get the hell out !! Unfortunately, the crew accompanying me doesn't quite see it that way. They believe in the "Well, let's see what else we can find" principle. And lo and behold, ninety percent of the time, if we don't end up making the purchase at the original store...I know, typical male mindset, right?!...

There was one redeeming moment, however, that brought a smile and lightened my mood considerably. My youngest, Rece, and I were impatiently waiting for my mother and daughter to select there undergarment preferences at the Hanes Outlet...We had already done the Toy Liquidators thing, made a purchase, and checked out the Kitchen Collections Outlet...To try and entertain my Rece, I showed him the time honored "snatch the coins from your elbow" trick. This worked well for about five minutes, when his last snatch resulted in a miss and sending the coin bouncing into one of the bra's hanging on the bottom rung. I told him to shake it, and not wanting to touch it, he kicked it. But to no avail. He then shook it. No coin. Well, let me backtrack a minute. Why are the largest bra's on the bottom rung anyway? There's no way anyone requiring a garment that size could possible see it !! The clincher came when he returned to me, dejected and said,"There ain't no tellin' how many nickels will get lost in that bra." From the mouth of babes...

"Red meat is NOT bad for you. Now blue-green meat, THAT'S bad for you!"
--Tommy Smothers

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Thanks for this laugh! I blogged about it, and I have a "fun with bras" story, too... Nice to meet you! -Jim See:

Posted by: on Aug 17, 03 | 12:13 pm

Being a woman of... er.... endowed proportions, I have often wondered why the bigger boulder holders we always put in hidden areas of the display.

That said, I found your sons observations to be quite amusing.

Posted by: Jewels on Oct 20, 03 | 10:08 am


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