DO Over, Do Over...

I call a misdeal. Thanks to the wonders of pMachine, I decided to scrap all my former excellent prose over at Blogger and start all over. I had way too many incomplete link errors and most of the eloquence was cut to midsentence(edit)... I do promise to do better. For anyone interested, I plan to use this journal to help refine what little writing skill I may have...for I am in search of the Holy Grail, my own novel...Hopefully by scribing here occasionally I will be able to develop the habit of at least journaling everyday. I plan to blog a few short stories,...mostly family anecdotes...develop a few characters, and just a bit of utter mayhem...more like nonsense...I hope you don't find the italicized comment to pithy or annoying. They help to organize my thoughts. Come by my website, and let me know what you think. Oh btw, look for some of my favorite quotes at the end of each entry...finally I can put that daily quote newsletter to use...

"Being in politics is like being a football coach. You have to be smart enough to understand the game, but dumb enough to think it's important."
-- Eugene McCarthy

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I feel about as bad as a blind man at a strip club... No comments whatsoever !!

Posted by: on Jul 26, 03 | 10:01 pm


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