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As Béarla led thoil?

"May you always have work for your hands to do. may your pockets hold always a coin or two. may the sun shine bright on your windowpane. may the rainbow be certain to follow each rain. may the hand of a friend always be near you. and may god fill your heart with gladness and cheer you."

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picklejuice: Damn - what's up with the p tags? Sorry - don't know what I did there. ...
Nov 03, 03 | 8:27 pm

picklejuice: That. Was. Soooo. Wrong.

I love it.

Nov 03, 03 | 8:26 pm

Jim: A '57 VW Beetle... painted with flat black discount store spray enamel... driver seat broke loose from floor but my brother gave me a seatbelt as a Christmas present and ...
Oct 30, 03 | 9:27 am

Michael Luten: As a cohort in the formation of this genius presentation, I would like to thank Alex Dunn for giving us credit where it was definitely due. Russ and I ...
Oct 22, 03 | 8:19 am

David Luten: I would like to say that I thought the slide show was hilarious and that Russ Wishum is a genius along with Michael Luten and Drew Dunn. Good work, ...
Oct 20, 03 | 10:32 pm

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Happy Halloween
Ghosts, goblins, tricks, treats and pranks galore. Yeah I know, corny as hell, but I gotta fill twenty words so's ...


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Sniff,Sniff... ShareBlogs is Dead

I did it. I killed it. I didn't mean to. All I wanted to do was have a little fun, but I always carry it too far. Greed and power are cruel mistresses. Joe's ideals were pure. Mine, profit-driven. Initially, I saw the community for what it should have been, before the evil twins took hold of my psyche, and I decided to try and make it what it could be...mmmuuuaaahhahahhaa. Only upon the discovery of my fiendish plot was the site taken down, hopefully to one day be reborn in its intended glory...uncorrupted by these vile hands... I plan to leave the links to my ShareBlog expatriates, in memory of what could have been...

Christ died for our sins. Dare we make his martyrdom meaningless by not committing them?
--Jules Feiffer

Posted by: on Oct 02, 2003 - 10:01 am | Profile


Alex, a glib explanation in your post. Blogshares is just a game. Shareblogs was much more than that to me, and I am deeply offended at your cavalier attitude.

Posted by: deb on Oct 02, 03 | 11:27 am

I was shocked that ShareBlogs was shut down. What was it that you actually did to cause Joe to become so disillusioned?

Posted by: Anthony on Oct 02, 03 | 6:50 pm

You said it Alex! You "decided to try and make it what it could be" while most of us were very happy with what it was. You brought bad vibes and controversy to the table and talk like that was some sort of accomplishment. Your sarcasm (sniff, sniff) isn't as funny as you think it is and you really fooled me...

Posted by: jenett on Oct 02, 03 | 6:50 pm

I don't really know what happened but one of my comments apparently played a role in triggering the shutdown. I'm sorry though I'm not quite sure what for.


Posted by: aslam on Oct 02, 03 | 10:46 pm

This is the only place that carries an explanation of what happened to ShareBlogs. I really don't know what was going on and remain so - clueless, but I'm pretty disappointed that ShareBlogs is now no more because it was a fantastic idea and it helped me discover new blogs. Anyway, best of luck to all that played the game.

Posted by: ID on Oct 03, 03 | 3:18 am

Shareblogs.com was awesome and it made me like blogshares.com again. While jenett and I disagreed on somethings, he had an awesome idea.
Need to run now.

Posted by: Jake on Oct 03, 03 | 4:57 pm

From Joe's Website:

It was magic, if only briefly...
People keep asking why I decided to close ShareBlogs. Though I'd prefer to not get into it, I need to put it behind me, so here's your explanation.

Within 6 weeks, the site attracted almost 70 players. 90% seemed to be enjoying it. The other 10% either blatantly abused it, attempted to change it into something considerably different, or assumed that it was some kind of open forum site where participants have some inherent right to decide the site's policies by consensus. They did not accept it as is and should have gone somewhere else, because for me and many of those who were enjoying it, they killed the magic. It was my site and a handful of people managed to kill the inspiration that built it by turning the fun of maintaining it into more work than it could possibly be worth to me. What further explanation could you need?

I don't care to wallow in the painful details. I just want the 90% who accepted and enjoyed it for what it was to know how sorry I am for letting them down...

Posted by: Arvind on Oct 05, 03 | 11:11 am

Great, another great non-explanation. ShareBlogs was really a great idea and I thank Joe for that, but I still don't understand why he reacted so suddenly and without explanation to whatever it was that happened.

I asked Joe for an explanation and I got a rude reply, which says to me that he was personally offended by something, because he normally is a very friendly guy, as seen on ShareBlogs, etc.

I don't get it.

Posted by: Anthony on Oct 10, 03 | 12:41 am

All I know is that James from http://www.whatisthis.com/ made it awesome and fun for us all! He made it really tick as all who participated know very well.

Thank you James.

Posted by: Jake on Oct 10, 03 | 2:36 am

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