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picklejuice: Damn - what's up with the p tags? Sorry - don't know what I did there. ...
Nov 03, 03 | 8:27 pm

picklejuice: That. Was. Soooo. Wrong.

I love it.

Nov 03, 03 | 8:26 pm

Jim: A '57 VW Beetle... painted with flat black discount store spray enamel... driver seat broke loose from floor but my brother gave me a seatbelt as a Christmas present and ...
Oct 30, 03 | 9:27 am

Michael Luten: As a cohort in the formation of this genius presentation, I would like to thank Alex Dunn for giving us credit where it was definitely due. Russ and I ...
Oct 22, 03 | 8:19 am

David Luten: I would like to say that I thought the slide show was hilarious and that Russ Wishum is a genius along with Michael Luten and Drew Dunn. Good work, ...
Oct 20, 03 | 10:32 pm

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Wouldn't You Know It...

<elation> Tech Wins !!! </elation> <disappointment> I couldn't watch it </disappointment>

The Vandy game was Pay-Per-View this weekend, but available to only a select audience, Comcast subscribers. So, that makes me 1 for 2 in actually watching Tech win...I've only seen ONE !!! Terrible, considering there may not be too many more...Now maybe Boomer will change his MSN display, currently "The Ramblin' Wreck that is Georgia Tech"...He's peeved about my "Bug is my only hope" comment...

Post game quotes from both teams available in the 'more' view (Courtesy V U fan site)

Vanderbilt Quotes

Georgia Tech at Vanderbilt
Dudley Field at Vanderbilt Stadium
Sept. 27, 2003

Vanderbilt Head Coach Bobby Johnson

Opening statement…
“We battled all game and played hard. I’m proud of my football team.”

On going for it on fourth down on the VU 35 with 10:40 in the fourth quarter…
“I thought we could make it. If we couldn’t, then I knew we could stop them.”

“It was a defensive battle all game. I want to give credit to my defense and theirs. And also give credit to Ball. He made two great runs late in the fourth and the one in overtime.”

On VU’s attitude during the coming week…
“It could possibly be a tough time to come back next week, but we’ll practice tomorrow and get better and see what happens.”

“We didn’t take a step forward or a step back. Even though we lost, we went out and competed and I’m proud of my team.”

Vanderbilt safety Andrew Pace

“It’s tough for any team to lose this way. We were up seven, but we couldn’t put it away. Some of us got sloppy. We could have clinched it, but it is something we can learn about as a team. All we can do is bounce back and learn for it.”

Vanderbilt cornerback Dominique Morris

“We knew he (Reggie Ball) was a really good player. We just practiced a lot of draws, and as you can see he is a terrific player who was hard to contain. He’s a very fast man.”

Vanderbilt quarterback Jay Cutler

On the final play of overtime…
“The last play was my fault. I take responsibility for the last drive. They played the pass well. We are coached better than that and that was all me.”

On his emotions throughout the game…
“We started off down and sputtering. We came into the half with our emotions up. The offense made plays when we had to, but I’m just not satisfied. We had too many opportunities. We just could not execute down the stretch. We have to play better in overtime – we cannot go flat then.”

Georgia Tech Quotes

Georgia Tech vs. Vanderbilt
Saturday, Sept. 27, 2003
Vanderbilt Stadium * Nashville, Tenn.


Head Coach Chan Gailey

"It was not a lot pretty about the game except the heart. It was ugly for 58 minutes and pretty for two in overtime."

On first and ten play on ten yard line with 2:00 remaining:
"I was just getting ready to go and call plays. I didn’t tell them – hey, let’s get it done – they knew what had to get done."

On dramatic win
"We talked about heart all week. It didn’t matter who we were playing, let’s just go play. It was pretty ugly for a while, but our guys didn’t want to lose and you can build a lot on a team that doesn’t want to lose."

On offensive comeback
"The 89 and the 25 (yard drives) and the one play in overtime – those were just good plays. The thing about it is that #1 (Reggie Ball) – it’s like he makes better plays when he is scrambling and going than set offensive plays. That may be something we have to look at."

Second half frustration
"I was very frustrated. We’d make a first down and then get a penalty. It was just so frustrating and our defense hung in there. No one gave up on each other and that says a lot about a football team."

On play calling in ot
"We said all along we thought the play was there, but I give credit to Patrick Nix (assistant coach-quarterbacks and running game coordinator). He’s the one who said let’s give that a shot and we did."

On how game ranks with other comebacks
"It’s good by me. I don’t think I’ve seen a team exhibit heart like they did and play as bad and pull out a victory like that in the last two minutes of the game – Great, great win."

Tailback PJ Daniels
"We’re happy that we won. I don’t want to say that we’re too, too happy because we have another game next week against NC State but these guys played us well. We’re happy right now and we’re going to enjoy it right now but we know we have to get ready for next week.

I’m happy that coach is putting the ball in my hands – this is my team, I want the ball, I want to help my team . We want to make it to the national championship if we can. It feels real good to have won."

On quarterback Reggie Ball
"Early on in the game, he wasn’t playing himself and later on he knew he had to pick it up and we knew we had to get it together. I threw a couple of blocks for him and the O-line did a good job. The whole offense did a great job, I can’t give credit to just one person. Everyone did their job."

On emotional swing of game
"I always have a positive mind frame. I told myself that there is always something good that can come out of this. I had faith and just believed – I knew that something good was going to happen and the defense blocked the field goal attempt. I’m exuberated right now. The offense knew what we had to do and the coaches knew what we had to do and we went out there and did what we knew we had to do."

Linebacker Daryl Smith
"Anytime you get a win, no matter how ugly it is, it is still a “W”. We’re just going to go from there."

About overtime
"We had to stop them and offensively we had to put some points on the board. Surprisingly, it was only one play on both sides, it was very quick."

On 89-yard scoring drive
"We had confidence that they (offense) could get down there and score. When it is our time to do our job, we have to go out there and stop them (Vanderbilt). We only have to worry about our side."

On getting the ball back on final drive in regulation
"If the clock still has time, there is always a chance. "

Quarterback Reggie Ball

"The whole offense showed great heart. We continued to play hard throughout the game and came up with the victory."

On individual performance:
"I felt like I had to make the play personally. I felt the whole offense was a little frustrated early in the second half and it all came down to me having to make a play. We made a couple of plays and came out with the victory."

On coach gailey being hard on him
"I was making stupid mistakes – I just kept fighting – I myself got a little frustrated – it wasn’t going our way late in the first half and early in the second half and we kept fighting to stay in it and showed great heart."

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