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Irrational Satire Giant Spider Wants More Roles BAR-ENDER
Posted by: on Jul 03, 03 | 7:25 am

New Zealand - "Kiki" the spider, already known for her role as Aragog in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is currently in New Zealand filming additional scenes as the giant spider, Shelob, in Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

"Director Peter Jackson felt a scene was needed to show more depth, more motivation behind my character," Kiki said at a press conference in New Zealand on Tuesday. "Sure, I'm evil, but aren't all giant spiders? Jackson wanted to set Shelob apart from the other evil, giant spiders."

Kiki wouldn't reveal much about the new scenes, except that Frodo, Sam, and Gollum were involved in the shoot, and that, "this time, Elijah Wood had better keep that damn bright light he got from Galadriel outta my eyes."




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