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Irrational Obscurity Mainstream Marketing Takes `Cool' out of Mini Cooper BAR-ENDER
Posted by: on Jul 10, 03 | 12:00 am

In the beginning, if you knew anyone who had a Mini, you knew no more than one, and even if that person had never struck you as cutting edge, he or she was now the coolest thing since Popsicles. The Minis were the anti-Hummers, a tiny fraction of the bulk but as stunningly unusual. Here was a car that defied cliche, a set of wheels for the freewheeling free thinker




Well that is not true that the Minis are the anti Hummers, because I myself LOVE both and can not figure out which one I want, the only thing that makes the Mini more apealing is the price and the only thing that makes the hummer more apealing is how big it is! Either way I love both of them!!!

Posted by: on Feb 15, 04 | 2:35 pm


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