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Irrational Satire Change Would Be Good...PLEASE ?! BAR-ENDER
Posted by: on Jun 05, 03 | 10:30 am

Unfortunately, Amber Hammock of Plains, GA has discovered that newly found beau, IR's own Drew Dunn, is hopelessly addicted to Ice Breakers Breath Mints.

"I don't really mind the freshness of his breath, but the cool mint flavor is getting a little old", Hammock said as she presented him with a fresh wintergreen flavor tin.

Ms Hammock has petitioned Hershey's for more flavor selections, but has yet to see any results. However through IR's inside connections, we have discovered the candy giant plans to market a new Ice Breakers Unleashed, supposedly supercharged with extra flavor crystals for extra fresh breath. Kudos to Amber for enhancing Hershey's marketing stragedy...




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