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Irrational Satire "Dot-Sux" Domains a Virtual Sell-Out BAR-ENDER
Posted by: on Jun 24, 03 | 9:17 am

One the few success stories in an otherwise floundering Internet, dot-sux (.sux) domain names have already sold out - less than one day after being made available.

Unlike the dot-com suffix, which took more than a decade to reach critical mass, dot-sux was literally an overnight sensation.

The most obvious targets - like aol.sux and microsoft.sux - were snatched up within moments, as were public figures like georgewbush.sux and celinedion.sux. General terms like highschool.sux and mylife.sux were also quick sellers. Then there were the more creative variations like thematrixreloadedreallyreally.sux.

But the real stampede, people registering proper names, came as somewhat of a surprise...

Wayne Demay, proud new owner of waynedemay.sux, doubts he'll ever actually produce a website. "I'm just covering my own ass," he says. "But I bought my boss's name, too. That'll be a nice bargaining chip next time I ask for a raise." Demay admits he also bought the names of several friends and neighbors. "Just covering all my bases," he explained.

Those who procrastinated may find themselves regretting it in the future. Several enterprising "cyber squatter" companies have registered entire city phone books, hoping the investment will eventually pay off in re-sales.

This unprecedented financial windfall has prompted the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to reconsider a two-year-old proposal to authorize .fu

An ICANN spokesperson said, "We had no clue there were so many pissed-off people out there."




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