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Irrational News PETA on Prowl Against Big Cat Mascots BAR-ENDER
Posted by: on Oct 29, 03 | 11:30 am

Leave it to the nutjobs at PETA to use the Roy Horn tiger attack as a platform for pressuring colleges to get rid of their live big cat mascots.

PETA sent "urgent letters" yesterday to the chancellors of Louisiana State University and Southern University in Baton Rouge urging them - in the wake of the Roy Horn attack - to immediately retire the cats to sanctuaries "before similar tragic incidents strike at their schools’ campuses."

Of course, the LSU mascot - Mike V - isn't led around Tiger Stadium on a leash. And I doubt Southern uses its jaguar in cheesy lounge acts.

Nonetheless, PETA is pleading with the universities to retire the cats -- which "pose the very real risk of attacking trainers, students, or members of the public with virtually no warning."




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