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Irrational Obscurity FeedDemon Beta Update: 1.0 Beta 6 BAR-ENDER
Posted by: on Sep 25, 03 | 11:07 am

Nick Bradbury has released FeedDemon 1.0 Beta 6. If you're upgrading from a previous beta, as always, please read the release notes before installing.

FeedDemon enables you to quickly explore the world of RSS from your desktop without having to visit hundreds of sites. Written by Nick Bradbury, creator of TopStyle and HomeSite, it makes RSS as easy to access as your email. Thousands of web sites offer their content as RSS newsfeeds.

Changes in Current Version:
  • Support for content:encoded
  • Channel properties now enables selecting an auto-update frequency based on hours or days instead of minutes
  • Hitting Ctrl+Enter in the address bar auto-completes the current entry by wrapping it between "http://" and ".com"
  • Added "Last 24 Hours" to newspaper filters




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