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Irrational Satire Holiday Inn Declares Towel Amnesty Day BAR-ENDER
Posted by: on Sep 01, 03 | 8:39 pm

Too little too late...

As the most recognized hotel brand in the world, Holiday Inn is an American icon and part of our everyday lives. For some of us, it's more a part of our lives than others'. "Borrowed" towels from Holiday Inn hold a special place for our guests. The trademark script has shown up everywhere from bathroom floors to beach parties. However you got one and whatever reason... "About the towels, we forgive you."

We have declared August 28th, 2003, as our National Towel Amnesty Day. Stay tuned for exciting opportunities across the U.S. to acquire your own souvenir towel!

Do you have a Holiday Inn towel? Tell us how you got it and what became of it. Is it proudly displayed as a collector's item, used in your bathroom or perhaps your favorite beach towel?




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