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Irrational Satire Straight Man Trapped In A Gay Man's Closet Finally Comes Out BAR-ENDER
Posted by: on Aug 15, 03 | 9:54 am

James Quinn, a straight man from San Francisco, says he has a new found respect for gay men, after a traumatic incident left him trapped in a gay man's closet.

Quinn, a carpenter by trade, was hired to renovate the closet of Tony Flurry, a San Francisco dog breeder. The events that followed left Quinn with a new outlook on the difficulties faced by millions of gay men still trapped in the closet.

As Quinn put it, "When I first took on the job I had no idea Tony was gay, he sounded like most San Francisco men on the phone, when we discussed the work he wanted done. It only became clear to me that Tony was gay when I arrived at his apartment and noticed the size of his closet".

Quinn blames his fear of bending over as the main reason for becoming trapped. "Under normal circumstances, I would have no problem bending over or kneeling down; however, I just couldn't bring myself to do it, I was just too nervous to expose my butt. I'd try, sure, but every time I started to bend my knees the only thing I could think about was becoming Tony's boy toy. As added protection, I closed the closet door and proceeded to complete the work I agreed to do. When I finally finished, my nightmare of being trapped in the closet began"...




This brought tears to my eyes...good things do cum to those who wait.


Posted by: aslam karachiwala on Aug 23, 03 | 2:40 pm


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