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Irrational Obscurity Researcher Confirms Existence of 'Earworms' BAR-ENDER
Posted by: on Aug 13, 03 | 8:34 am

"It's official: 98% of people have had songs stuck in their heads.

Research has helped define, but not explain, the experience. A recent study by the University of Cincinnati looked at the affliction, which the author, James Kellaris, calls 'earworms' from the German word ohrwurm. The ear part is obvious, but the worm part isn't incidental. Kellaris, a consumer psychologist, says it conveys the parasitic nature of the travel of songs into their listeners' ears, only to then get lodged and played on mental continuum.

He found that some 98 percent of listeners were at one time or another bothered by a tune that wouldn't leave their heads. The study also found some common offenders, including the Kit-Kat jingle ('Gimme a break'), 'Who Let the Dogs Out,' Queen's 'We Will Rock You,' the theme to 'Mission: Impossible,' 'YMCA,' 'Whoomp, There It Is,' 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' and 'It's a Small World After All....'

The 559 students used in the study had lots of trouble with the Chili's jingle for its baby-back ribs and with the Baha Men song 'Who Let the Dogs Out.' But Kellaris found that most often, each person tends to be haunted by their demon notes." ...




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