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Irrational Obscurity Get Ready for New 'Nano' Products BAR-ENDER
Posted by: on Aug 01, 03 | 10:05 pm

Scientists are wrestling with individual atoms to develop molecule-sized computers, tiny cancer-fighting robots that travel the bloodstream ... and stain-resistant trousers.

Nanotechnology -- the science of manipulating materials billionths of a meter wide -- has emerged as a promising new field that could lead to stunning advances in years to come.

Boosters claim that nanotech-derived products may some day cure disease, slow the aging process and eliminate pollution.

But for now, the human race will have to settle for tennis balls that keep their bounce longer, flat-panel displays that shine brighter and wrinkle-free khaki slacks that resist coffee stains.

"People are saying, 'Geez, this isn't Star Trek yet; this is just pants that don't stain,' but you've got to start somewhere," said Howard Lovy, news editor of the nanotech industry journal Small Times. "I'm wearing nanopants as we speak."




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