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Irrational News

The Passion Inflames the Web
Grey Album Fans Protest Clampdown
Hypocrisy and Hypotheses (My Blog) Gets a Face Lift and New Address
Stirred by 'Passion,' Churches Arrange Film Viewings
Scientists Advance Hydrogen Tech
Create a Hoax, Earn Damnation
Damn the man!
Comic Gives Teachers Lesson on Laughter
Gadget May Wreak Traffic Havoc
PETA on Prowl Against Big Cat Mascots
NAACP Being Ignorant About Play
Apple to launch iTunes for Windows
Flash Revisited: Ninjai, The Little Ninja
Are You Too Stupid to Surf?
Stop the RIAA - Sign the EFF Congressional Petition
New $20 a month away
12-Year-Old Sued for Music Downloading
Asteroid Danger in 2014 Downplayed
Teenager Charged with Spreading Computer Virus
Commandments Monument Removed From Court
Fastest US Supercomputer Runs Linux
FeedDemon Beta 5a Release
IM Beats Email in Smackdown
More FeedDemon News
This Worm Ain't Gonna Hunt
If Quasars Could Talk: a telescope to help tell their stories
The New X-Men
Music Parody Site Pulls the Plug
Reality Gaming—A New Spin
When I'm 64
DNA Power Computing? Could Be !!
Satellite Views Of The Blackout
"Flash Mob" Plays Duck-Duck-Goose
Major Power Outage Hits New York, Other Large Cities
Jane's Irrational Addiction
Variable Maximum Transfer Unit: a Godsend...
Synomic Synergy
Geek Overload : Google Calculator
Internet Storm Center: RPC DCOM WORM (MSBLASTER)
The Myth of Perfect Web Design
IBM Nurtures Linux
FeedDemon Update
Got Yo Mojo Working?
Google Debuts News Alerts
ESPN to Hand Out X-Games Swag
FeedDemon 1.0 Beta 3a
Secret Networks Protect Music Swappers
Power Struggle (RSS) Feeding Web Logs
FeedDemon News Aggregator
Publishing for the Little Folks
How to Create an RSS Feed With Notepad, a Web Server, and a Beer
Napster, But in Name Only
In with Snapster, Out with RIAA
Web Cliques Too Cool for School
Want to See if you are Being Sued by RIAA?!
File Sharing = Bad...Fraud + Identity Theft = Not So Bad?
The RIAA's Hit List Named
The Impending IP Crisis
Company Plans Data Storage Dump on the Moon
Coloring the Comic Books
Kazaa Derivatives Offer RIAA-Blocking Features
Mozilla Wants to Rumble With IE
MP3 Creator Speaks Out
P2P Fans Unite, the RIAA Fight Is On
Web Quiet as Hacking Contest Plucks Small Scalps
How To Not Get Caught Downloading From Kazaa
Magic Online Gathering Fans
How To Legally Find And Download Music Online
RIAA Threatens Orgy of Lawsuits
Kazaa Unveils P2P Software Upgrade
Some Bad Raps for Non-Hacks
Take the Pepsi Challenge; Lose Your Job
VH 1's 'Greatest Songs' List Bound to Stir
Irrational Fun with Science
How to Live Large, and Largely For Free. My Kind of Job...
Hackers Put 'Bane' in Shadowbane
Teen Sues to Sing About God at Public School Graduation
Whoopie-Cushion Ring Tones Big Bizness
"Hello ?! God, Are You There?"
MS Chat and the US Army
Now THIS is a PRANK !!!
'A Modest Proposal' Prof Plans Probe of Earth’s Core
Fizzer Worm Wallops World
Grocery Shopper/Crook Picks Wrong Line
Mutating SARS Keeps Docs Sweating

Irrational Obscurity

Excuse me, do you have change for $1,000,000?
Least in Need of More Drugs
Professor Resigns After Student Gets Nude
Student Group Mocks Affirmative Action with Whites-Only Award
Man Forced To Mow Lawn At Gunpoint Gets 20-Year Prison Sentence
Bird-Lover's Cat Dines on Rare Flying Visitor
Having a Gas in Okefenokee Swamp
Southern Drawls Confuse Louisiana Phone System
Students Compete for Pillow Fight Record
High School Girls Pummel Man Who Exposed Himself
Dad Arrested After Pumpkin Attack
Punkin Chunkin Champ to Defend Title
It'll Thrill Ya, It'll Kill Ya
Southern Rock's Flag Flies Again
Noodling Catfish
Man Steals ID of Sex Offender
Hollywood Riffs on Recall Scripts
Are Your Ready ?!
Did you konw tihs?
FeedDemon Beta Update: 1.0 Beta 6
Print Your Own Money
in Remembrance...
Homeless Hacker Surrenders
This Sports Car Is in the Swim
So You Want To Learn Japanese
You Never Know: It may come in handy...
Jackets Drop Opener But Find Their Quarterback
Parrot's Parody Causes Commotion
on privacy..
Burning Man Never Gets Old
Write a Story, Go to Jail
Civil War Steamship Gold Worth Millions
Wingman: Get ready to fly at 186 mph...
Whale Flatulence Stunts Stuns Scientists
Did You See This?!
Mini-KISS Cover Band Pebbles Rocks !!!
Supercomputers To Move To Specialization?
The Return of Pete Rose
Researcher Confirms Existence of 'Earworms'
Meteor Shower Lights the Skies in Comet's Trail
Harassing Harvesters
Film Review: 'Freddy Vs. Jason'
Tuitions Up Dramatically Nationwide
Lockergnome's RSS Resource
Horse Clone's Sister is Mom, Too
Big News! New Google Operator!
Mars is Getting Close, Real Close
Police: Teen Abduction Foiled by Cell Phone Cam
Get Ready for New 'Nano' Products
Pentagon Folds Hand in Online Terrorism Futures Scheme
Diagnosis and Medicine in a Pill
No Signup, No Passwords or Nonsense, Just Email
Got Game? Might Need a New PC
Buy.Com Debuts Music Download Site
Dismayed Americans Contemplate Canada
Homestar Runner Figures Are Here!
Random Numbers Key to Encryption
Mobile Phone Chunkin' to Become Olympic Sport?
Mainstream Marketing Takes `Cool' out of Mini Cooper
Lightning Strikes Woman's Tongue Stud
Portugal's Nappers Urge "Don't Lose the Snooze"
This Is Truly the Summer of LiveWire
Is it Live, or Memorex CGI ?
DADD (Dating Attention Deficit Disorder)
Free Online Diploma
Father's Day Gift: You're on the Right Trac
Grinding Nemo...No, It's NOT What You Think !!!
Today's "Jackass" Stunt: Teens Toss Mannequin From Overpass
Overclocked Jesus Performs Miracles Faster
Armed Man Forces Mom to Write $50,000 Check
Teen Charged With Feeding Cat to Gator
Pie in a Jar
The Shallowing of American Taste
Might This be the Least Imaginative Senior Prank of the Season?
Nine Georgia Players Ineligible for Selling Rings
Search for Klingon Interpreter Called Off
Wanna be a Joe Somebody ?!

Irrational Satire

Chicago Band So Progressive That Everyone Hates Them
Ralph Nader Says America Needs Change From 'Two-Party Duopoly'; Launches Third-Party Candidacy Equally Out Of Touch With America
Majority Of Americans Thought We Already Had A Moon Base
Kerry Takes 5 States; Dean Joins WWF; Lieberman Out; Sharpton Still In For Free Publicity
NFL: Internal Memo Says Super Bowl Rigged
Stick-Figure-Man Wins Copyright Lawsuit
Accept Jesus Christ as Your Lord and Savior and Get a Free PlayStation 2!
Santa Claus to Shut Down North Pole Operations
Dean Wants to Be Candidate of Toothless, Inbred Yokels
2004 Presidency to be Decided on "Survivor"
Refunds and Apologies for Matrix Revolutions
Santa wanted for International Discrimination
Happy Halloween
New $20 Bill Has Hidden Satanic Messages
Galactic Empire to Take Over Power in Iraq
Banned for Life !!! (OK, so it was six months)
Monkeys take third step in Conquest of Earth
Ask The Spammer
Inbox Insurrection
Poor Nations Eager to Surrender to US for Reconstruction Money
Get Your Ninja Mission !!!
.NET Saves Boy Down Well
Giant Flashbulb To Help Hubble Telescope See Even Further
RIAA Says Future of Music is Suing File Sharers
Bush announces new Job Creation McCzar
Holiday Inn Declares Towel Amnesty Day
Holiday Inn Declares Towel Amnesty Day
Alabama Judge Erects Statue of Jesus Mooning Supreme Court
About the Slashdot Story Generator
Judge Orders Alabama Motels And Hotels To Remove All Reference To The Ten Commandments From Bibles
NEW: Management Speak
The YO GOD God Detector
I Have An iPod--In My Mind
Follow Up: Massive Power Outage Plunges East Coast Into Darkness
Straight Man Trapped In A Gay Man's Closet Finally Comes Out
FeedDemon Meets the Olsen Twins
"the answer to life, the universe, and everything"
Attack of the Smartasses
Confessions of a Baggage Screener
Whittler Trying to Carve Out a Living
The English-to-12-Year-Old-AOLer Translator
Loo Roll Browser
Schwarzenegger Won't Seek California Governorship, Name Too Long To Fit On Ballot
Buttered-Toast.Com Handbook: Choosing an ISP
RIAA Will Take 2191.78 Years To Sue Everyone
Top Ten Reasons David Letterman Shouldn't Take an Extended Vacation
Buttered-Toast.Com Handbook: PC Repair
Introducing Hypocrisy & Hypotheses
Ozzy Osbourne To Run For Governor of California
A better Superman
Underclocking Becomes Latest Computer Craze
Psychic John Edward Channels Barry White, Seduces Audience
Ten Steps to Being Cool
Giant Spider Wants More Roles
American Association of Friends of the Siesta
Fans Outraged at New Character in The Return of the King
Frito Lay to Offer Fuller-Fat Versions of Popular Snacks
"Dot-Sux" Domains a Virtual Sell-Out
OBITUARY: Irony (500 BC - 2003) Is Dead
Jerry Falwell: "Masturbation Is Murder"
'Watermelon Capital Of World' Claim Goes Unchallenged
Monkeypox Mercifully Ends Plague of Acronyms
Ford, GM Develop Competing Billboard Blocking Technologies
Doctors Reveal Bush Using Corked Vice-President
Man Breaks Out Dating Boxers
Change Would Be Good...PLEASE ?!
Bassist Unaware Rock Band Christian
Candy Purchase Nets Yet More Money For Tootsie Roll's Bloated Coffers
Overclocked Jesus Performs Miracles Faster
Department Of Homeland Security Deputizes Real Mean Dog
Microsoft Makes Mice Smaller
South Dakota Asked To Water North Dakota's Crops Over The Weekend
Cyrano at Your Lovelorn Service
Restaurant Patron Seeking Corroboration That Soda Is Not Diet

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